Hands on introduction to PyMC3

In this section I'll look at some real world techniques with PyMC3

  • AB Testing
  • Change point detection 
  • Installing PyMC3.

AB testing is a classical technique in modern day e-commerce or marketing analytics jobs. Alternatively it can be useful in biology or chemistry or any experimental design process. 

Change point detection is useful in fraud detection, electricity markets modelling, process analysis and in dev ops - predicting when systems will get overloaded in data centres or in the cloud.
Hands on introduction to PyMC3
How do I install PyMC3?
How do I do Bayesian AB Testing? - Probabilistic Programming Primer -
Probabilistic Programming Primer: Bayesian Changepoint Detection
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Case Study 1- Bayesian_Changepoint_Detection.ipynb
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How to build a Logistic Regression model the Bayesian way
10 mins
1.5 - Puppy Steps_version_2.mp4
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Hands on introduction to PyMC3: Quiz
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