Intro to Probabilistic Programming by Peadar Coyle

Intro to Probabilistic Programming

What's included?

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How to install PyMC3
ppp_installation Edited.mp4
8 mins
Hands on Introduction to PyMC3
ppp_intro_to_pymc3_1 Edited.mp4
5 mins
ppp_intro_to_pymc3_2 Edited.mp4
2 mins
ppp_intro_to_pymc3_3 Edited.mp4
9 mins
ppp_intro_to_pymc3_4 Edited.mp4
7 mins
ppp_intro_to_pymc3_5 Edited.mp4
10 mins
Hands on introduction to PyMC3
1 1 How do I install PyMC3
Probabilistic Programming Primer: Bayesian Changepoint Detection
Model building with PyMC3
ppp_model_building_1 Edited.mp4
9 mins
ppp_model_building_2 Edited.mp4
10 mins
ppp_model_building_3 Edited.mp4
9 mins
ppp_model_building_4 Edited.mp4
16 mins
How do I build a Bayesian Logistic Regression model?


What's the difference between this and Probabilistic Programming Primer

This is a slimmed down version of the Probabilistic Programming Primer course, it contains only screencasts and no code examples. It also doesn't go into depth about MCMC and theano. However it is enough to get started building PyMC3 models.